We are adjusting to having a ‘plastered’ daughter this week, although I did catch her swinging from the branch of the tree with one hand (I was just seeing if I could reach the branch mummy…)!  I seem to be constantly late though, it is taking ages to carefully dress her in clothes, coats, shoes, etc!  Only a couple weeks left now and she should be getting back to normal.
I was totally amazed to receive an email this week saying that we have been selected as Finalists in the NSF Agriculture Awards – Beef Farmer of the Year!  We are only down to the final two in our category….  Awards to be given on the 5th November.  I can’t for one minute think we will win, but if we do, fireworks will be flying up her!.  After I have scraped myself off the floor from the shock that is.  It seems strange to us that what we do every day is so interesting and unique in the eyes of others.  We are very privileged to be able to farm in the way that we do.
The other surprise I had this week was to be one of three Farmers Guardian ‘Tweeter of the Week’ courtesy of my tweet relating to the Three Musketeers featuring calves in the woods looking rather cheeky.
We are starting to have lots more first time mummies as our group of Longhorn heifers are now calving in earnest and we are seeing lots of fluffy babies running around.  Beautiful!
The icing on the cake is that Stefano’s Homemade Food is cooking up Longhorn Beef meatballs this week at Taunton Farmers Market and Minehead Market.  I tested them last time he made them and they are delicious!  Well worth a try if you are in the vicinity.
So all in all a fun and rather unusual week!  I wonder what could possibly happen in the coming week…