Pedigree Longhorn Cow Hide

Pedigree Longhorn Cow Hide


Pedigree Longhorn Cow Hide



Don’t miss out on your chance to own one of our unique Pedigree Longhorn Cow Hide.

These beautiful large hides can be used as a rug, or wall hanging. They will add to the richness of any room!

Some are light, some are dark, some are curly, as a result, each one is completely different.

These majestic cattle spend more than 2 years living and running free in the Neroche forest.   As a result they exist in a truly natural habitat along side deer, rabbit, hares and foxes to name a few!

We believe that no part of the animal should go to waste and are always looking for ways to use every piece we can.

We have very limited availability, therefore, this is an opportunity to own a truly individual item.

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Dimensions230 x 220 cm