Oh how true that is!  For once the animals are behaving, but the children aren’t!
It has been a testing few weeks for us with our little girl falling out of her favourite Apple tree and breaking her arm.  We subsequently spent nearly 2 days in hospital while she had an operation to wire bits back together.  A few days later she got then got an ear infection and perforated her ear drum.
So needless to say our eyes have been somewhat off the ball in a business sense!  However, animals still need looking after regardless of what is going on ‘indoors’.
We had a new little calf this week, she was born to a first time mum and was quite small.  After a brief spell of thinking Russ was her mummy (because he carried her into a shed to keep her warm on her first night) she can now be spotted madly charging across the field, tail in air amongst the cows and Bull.  She is yet to be named but her name will have to begin with an ‘O’ as all Longhorns across the UK in 2015 that are pedigree registered have to have names starting with this letter.
The children have discovered the best thing to do with runner beans is to feed them to the Fat Bullocks, they seem to quite enjoy being hand fed.  No doubt we will have to supply them with slippers and armchairs next! Posh Pampered Nosh!
I have discovered my first taste of Christmas this week at Taunton Farmers Market.  Sarah from Bloom Berry was selling Mull’d Berry Juice.  Oh my, warmed up with some added Rum and a Mince pie – I am in heaven!  Think this might be making it’s way into my Christmas pressies this year!