September is flying by with alarming speed!  Here on the farm we are seeing things move towards Autumn.  Some cows have been bought back from the woods (granted, this was also partly because said cows were jumping the fence and taking daily constitutionals down the Herepath!).
Our Chicken have also been misbehaving – every day a few escape their enclosure and I have to carry them to bed.  This generally entails chasing one particular hen half way round a 12 acre field as she never wants to be picked up….  until she realises she can’t get back over the fence she escaped out of without my help. There seems to be a bit of an escape theme this year with our animals!
With escape in mind, we have been fencing the farm with permanent fence rather than eclectic wires – our family day out on Sunday was to take up some of the redundant electric fencing.  The joys of being a farming family!
On a recent trip to buy myself new wellies, I was amazed to be confronted with such colourful options! Pink, stripes, flowers, stars, etc!  I wanted good old green (no point having flowers as they will all end up poo coloured) and had to really search to find some!  Anyway, I now duly have new wellies, and dry feet. Perfect.
I have scarily been taking Christmas meat orders beef, turkeys, geese, etc and we have also inspected our crop of Christmas Trees to see if we have some big enough to sell this year.
Away from farming, these last few weeks have seen my little girl get her first belt in Taekwando – she is very proud and practices punching her daddy on a regular basis!
So, onwards and upwards!  We are now in The Great British Food Fortnight, and Taunton Farmers Market was looking fabulous with Union Jack bunting, balloons, etc. Really Festive! There was really super seasonal produce there today, plums, pears, potatoes, carrots – it always tastes much better from local sources too.  I will try to ‘blog’ again sooner and put some pictures in of this next week.
Looking forward to a trip to Wellington Carnival this weekend…  and maybe some more fencing, just for fun!