Once again our house is surrounded by cattle on all sides.  We moved on bunch of cattle on foot this week, which amusingly involved the hubby running a mile with a bucket of food whilst being hotly pursued by a bull, his ladies and babies!  It all went swimmingly until they passed another field with another of our bulls and his ladies in.  The 2 boys promptly started rumbling on at each other trying to establish who had the nicest ladies and therefore who was clearly the bigger man…  we had to hurry them up at this point to prevent a full on showdown!
Being British Food Fortnight I duly decked my stall out with Union Jacks on Thursday and the farmers market had been decorated with balloons and bunting.  I love this market, it has amazing stalls and stall holders.  Since being at the market I have been able to ‘put my money where my mouth is’ and source much more of our own food locally.  It makes you realise how rubbish mass produced cheap food is!  I really feel proud to be able to supply my customers a truly British product that delivers great quality.
Customers in mind, I have some really lovely people visit me.  One customer presented me with a very welcome cuppa and cake whilst another chef enjoys raiding my ‘box of horrors’ to see what delights he can cook up!  He has started doing a blog of his recipes and our Ox Cheeks where the first to feature!  There is a link to this on our Facebook Page.
The weather has been beautiful this week – why couldn’t we have had some like it in the summer?  Still we are making the most of it now.  The children are lapping it up in the garden, I am loving the misty sun rises and the walk to school each day with my daughter.  I duly set my alarm for the early hours of Monday morning to see the blood moon, it was very beautiful but I was rather tired for the rest of the day!
So bring on the next week!  Trip to Longleat with the kids tomorrow followed by the Rugby… aaaargh can’t bear to watch!  Hubby has to do our local village market tomorrow as I am awol, I wonder how he will get on….  we shall see!