Local Spots

01 Churchinford Community Shop
Churchinford, TA3 7QZ, 01823 601026
02 The York Inn
Churchinford, Taunton, TA3 7RF, 01823 601333
03 The Holman Clavel Inn
Culmhead, Taunton, TA3 7EA, 01823 421070
04 The Haymeadow
Munty Lodge, Churchstanton, Taunton, TA3 7RH, 07533 340847



What method of delivery is used?

If you are close to us (within 15 miles) we will deliver to you personally!  However, if you are further away, we will deliver via an overnight courier.

How long after my order will I receive delivery?

We will despatch the day following your order as long as this enables a 24 hour delivery service. If for instance you place your order on a Thursday, we would wait until Monday to despatch your order so that it is only in transit for 24 hours.

I would like to receive my order on a Saturday. Is this possible?

Yes, we can deliver to you on Saturday, but couriers do charge more.  Please give us a call on 01823 602711 or email us and we will give you a price.

How will you keep my order cold in transit?

It will be shipped in an insulated box with ice inside to keep it cold, ensuring that it reaches you in top condition.

My meat is frozen, how long can I keep it?

If you are putting your order straight in your freezer, it will keep perfectly for up to 6 months from the packed date.  We recommend that you once you thaw our meat you consume it within 2 days.