10% off Beef

For a limited time During January we are offering a 10% discount on Beef orders (excluding mince) So whether it’s a delicious roasting joint for your family meal on Sunday, braising steak for a mid-week casserole or steaks for Friday night, order now online or email us at [email protected]
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Freezer Meat Box

Winter meatbox offer
Winter Warmer Offer We have put together a mixture of cuts of frozen beef so that there will be something for every occasion. Put it in your freezer and have beef on hand to make a variety of meals for the family. Cook every-day quick dinners, slow cook dinners and roast dinners...
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Christmas Tree Tagging

Christmas Tree
Choose your tree while it’s still growing…… …… you can’t get fresher than that! Come to the farm over the next 3 weekends and  take a walk around the field to pick your perfect tree.  We’ll arrange a date for you to collect it after we’ve cut it. Make...
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British Food Fortnight

British Food Fortnight: Bored of eating tasteless “supermarket” meat? Why not celebrate British Food Fortnight with some proper tasty local meat? Mouthwatering meat as it should be, from our Pedigree Longhorn cattle who have lived really good lives in the forest. The result is meat that is naturally full of...
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