The Forest Beef farm:

Nestled on the top of the Blackdown Hills in Somerset,  Forest Beef is surrounded by woodland both old and new.  Grassy glades sit amongst trees and these habitats are the home to some very special wildlife.

Ethical and kind to the environment

At Forest Beef, the way we rear our animals complements and supports these precious creatures – not least some very rare and endangered butterflies.  Our cattle are a pedigree breed known as English Longhorns.  Recently these too were a rare breed and in need of protecting.  Now they help to protect the environment that the wildlife need to thrive.  They do this by grazing in areas of woodland and thereby keeping brambles and scrub under control.  The way a cow rips the grass she eats makes the perfect nesting sites for butterflies.

Walk in the woods surrounding us and one of our majestic animals will appear out of the trees to great you!  The meat that is produced by these animals is renowned to be the very best in flavour and texture.  Our mature customers will tell you it ‘tastes like the beef they had when they were young’.

We keep traditional breed pigs like Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot.  These breeds produce pork with the most incredible flavours. The sausages we produce have unique texture and are made from the prime cuts of pork not just the trimmings.

Chicken roam our farm in amongst their own dedicated woodland.  Their eggs are large and usually brown with beautiful yellow yolks.We firmly believe in putting the happiness of our animals first and feel privileged to be able to farm the way we do.

Our Team


The Family


We all like to get involved – this was our Christmas Morning selfie from 2015.  Christmas for us does not start until the animals have been looked after and fed, eggs collected, etc.  Farming is 24/7 365 days a year, animals do not take holidays!!

Forest beef Open Farm

Martin Batchelor


Martin, aka Grandad, until recently had lived his whole live on the Farm.  Now, besides assisting with the day to day running of the farm, he gives valued advice based on years of experience.

He loves watching his grandchildren grow up, and teaching them about farming.


Rebekah Batchelor


Becky works closely with Forest Beef’s customers to ensure that they receive the right products in tip top condition.  With a professional background in finance Becky also keeps an eye on all things financial and the general administration of the business.


Russell Batchelor


Russ is the 3rd generation to farm at Higher Willand Farm.  Passionate about the quality of care that each animal on the farm receives he is also a firm believer in family values and protecting our country side for generations to come.

Russ works mainly with his livestock managing their day to day care and welfare.  Problem solving is a key requirement in the general running of the farm, so luckily he is also very ingenious when it comes to designing and creating tools and implements to assist staff in their daily routines.