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Welcome to Forest Beef

Working with the forestry commission Forest Beef have built up a herd of long horned cattle.  We aim to produce some of the Southwest’s most unique and great tasting beef, and also help to restore deforested areas literally from the grass roots up.  Long horns being more hardy stand up to forest conditions and are more resilient to disease.


Why Choose Us

Award Winning Premium Quality Beef

Beef Farm of the Year!

Forest Beef won “Beef Farm of the Year” from the NSF Agriculture Farm Assurance Awards 2015 – 2016.

Voted Britain’s Best Steak

Country Life Magazine voted Longhorn steaks as the best tasty steak in Britain.

Field To Fork

Field to Fork

The story of our produce is really important to us. In an effort to reduce food miles we like to supply local businesses.  Our meat can be found in local shops and restaurants.  We are keen to use the whole of the animal and encourage our customers to try some of the tastier more affordable cuts.

Fast Delivery

Please note that we can not currently take orders on our online shop.  Call or email if you would like to place an order.

Unfortunately we can not take online orders at the moment.  Please call or email us.

Fast Delivery

We will despatch the day following your order as long as this enables a 24 hour delivery service.  If you order on Monday, we will despatch on Tuesday and it will be delivered Wednesday.  However, if you order on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, we would wait until Monday to despatch your order so that it would only be in transit for 24 hours.

If you are within 15 miles of our farm, we will be able to deliver it to you personally and our rates will be cheaper.

Specify your delivery date – You can specify a delivery date when you check out and we will do our utmost to arrange your delivery on that day.

Local Collection

You are always welcome to collect from our farm and see first hand our animals and how passionate we are about their welfare and environment.

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Did you know that cows have their own nurseries for their babies?

We will often see one mother cow keeping guard amongst all the little ones while their mums are off doing their daily chores.  Such as eating breakfast, scratching their backs with their horns, cleaning themselves or simply sunning themselves!

It is a hard life being a cow!

Tasty Recipes

diced longhorn beef stewing steak

Discover the more affordable cuts

Brisket in Cider

this is the best curry…

Aromatic Beef Curry

Traditional and tasty

Steak & Ale Pie

Always on the market!

Taunton Market

You can find us at our local village market in Churchinford on the first Saturday of each month.