Roll on Spring

Well here we are in March. After one of the most miserable winters I can remember, it is good to have the prospect of Spring, Summer and hopefully some sunshine! The snow drops and daffodils are out and looking beautiful – full of promise for the year to come....
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Cows, Blogs, Food!

Once again our house is surrounded by cattle on all sides.  We moved on bunch of cattle on foot this week, which amusingly involved the hubby running a mile with a bucket of food whilst being hotly pursued by a bull, his ladies and babies!  It all went swimmingly...
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Late Summer Update

September is flying by with alarming speed!  Here on the farm we are seeing things move towards Autumn.  Some cows have been bought back from the woods (granted, this was also partly because said cows were jumping the fence and taking daily constitutionals down the Herepath!). Our Chicken have...
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